wersja polska

Sworn Translator
and Teacher of English
General principles regarding my translation work
The original copy of a text for certified translation should be presented to the translator, provided it is in the possession of the Client. In all other cases, the translator is obliged to place a note under the translated text stating that the translation has been done on the basis of a copy (a facsimile) of the original document.
A certified translation is always done in a paper form and for this reason it needs to be transferred to the Client by post or to be collected in person.
Materials for non-certified translation can be given on a medium convenient for the Client (on paper, via e-mail, on a CD-ROM, a floppy disk). The translated text can be returned to the Client on the same medium.

Privacy is a top priority for me: all the materials for translation are secured from the access of third parties.

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